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Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself And You Will Be Unstoppable

June 05, 20242 min read

Indomitable Spirit

The Power of an Indomitable Spirit: A Black Belt Principle

A person with an indomitable spirit does not accept defeat. They possess a tenacity that refuses to acknowledge failure. This principle is crucial for a Black Belt because the journey to achieving this level is fraught with challenges and setbacks.

Consider the inspiring story of Gene Tunney, who became the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World by defeating Jack Dempsey. Early in his career, Tunney was known primarily as a power puncher. However, during an exhibition match, he broke both his hands. Doctors told him he would never fight again, shattering his dream of becoming a World Champion Boxer.

But Tunney did not waver. He declared, “If I can’t become the champion as a puncher, then I’ll make it as a boxer.” Confronted with a potentially career-ending injury, Tunney adapted. He decided that if he could no longer rely on his punching power, he would master the art of boxing.

History shows that Gene Tunney’s determination paid off. He went on to defeat Jack Dempsey and become the Heavyweight Champion of the World. Experts agree that without learning to box, Tunney would not have been able to overcome Dempsey. What seemed like a devastating set back ultimately made Tunney a better, more complete fighter.

Teaching Points

Gene Tunney exemplified an indomitable spirit. He faced a setback that would have caused most people to quit. His broken hands almost guaranteed the end of his fighting career.

An indomitable spirit is widely regarded as one of the most vital qualities for success. It’s not easy to cultivate; when we encounter failure or setbacks, our natural inclination is to quit. However, to fully develop our potential and achieve our goals, we must embrace and nurture an indomitable spirit. This resilience is essential for overcoming obstacles and turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and improvement.

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Dragon Gate is such a fantastic place for children to not only train physically, but to also develop confidence, patience and respect for themselves and others. Our son has learned valuable self defense.

Matt Roswell

My kids have been involved at DG for several years and are closing in on their Black Belts. The instructors have consistently been of high quality and exude an emphasis on both physical and emotional development.

John Callahan

Great place! My son loves it! They keep the kids engaged while teaching a little discipline. What more could you ask for?!?

Anthony Sanseverino

"We are a black belt excellence life skills

program official school."

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