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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

May 21, 20246 min read

Week 1

Over the next month we are going to be talking about GOAL SETTING.

“Goals We Set Are Goals We Get”

  • A Goal is something you want to achieve or attain.

  • Goal Setting Means to write your dreams and aspirations down on a piece of paper and then to make an action plan.

  • It’s important to set goals because you can’t hit a goal you didn’t set.

  • An example of Goal Setting is to write your Goal down and make an action plan, and then review it daily.


Let me tell you a true story. There was a study done at Harvard University (which is a very important-hard to get into university) It took 20 years to finish this study. What they did was to interview the graduating class and they determined that only about 2% (which means only 2 out of every 100 seniors) had written their goals down on paper. Twenty years later, they interviewed these same people and they found out something very interesting. They found that the financial success of the 2% with the goals was more than the combined financial success of the other 98% put together.

Do you think that this study proved that goal setting is important?

When writing down your goals, it is important to be as detailed as possible about your goal and how you want to get there.


“Goals we set are Goals we get”

Goal Setting

Week 2


Who wrote down some goals last week?

Let’s go over some ways to help you reach your goals. It can be helpful to make an action plan for the steps you will take while working toward your goal. If you have a big, long-term goal, it can be helpful to break down your journey into smaller steps. We call these short-term or mid-term goals.

For example: If your martial arts goal is to earn your Black Belt, it is helpful to focus on the smaller steps that come first, like earning your next tip or your next belt. Your Black Belt goal can seem far away, but if you focus on short-term steps like putting in your best effort each class and learning the moves for your next test, you are taking positive steps toward your long-term goal of earning your black belt. And don’t forget to celebrate your victories along the way. Each time you accomplish one of the short-term goals, pat yourself on the back for completing that next step.

  • What are some other short-term steps in martial arts?


  1. Attending class twice a week

  2. Practicing at home

  3. Packing your gear and uniform the night before class

  4. Putting you next test on the family calendar

  5. Post your martial arts goal where you can see it each day

    • What are some of your home or school Goals?

    1. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily

    2. Keeping your room clean

    3. Getting good grades

      • What are some of the short-term steps for accomplishing those goals?

      1. Putting class times on a calendar and making sure nothing competes with those times

      2. Finding a spot to practice

      3. Keeping my uniform clean

      4. Read my goal everyday

      • Who is going to help your reach your goals?

      1. Mom and Dad

      2. My best Friend

      3. My classmate at school

      4. My teacher

      5. My instructor

      6. My training partner

        • How are you going to feel when you reach your goals?

        1. Excited

        2. Powerful

        3. Accomplished

        4. Smarter

        • Who talked to someone last week about helping you reach your goals?

        • Which student has a better chance of reaching his goal of achieving Black Belt?

        • What obstacles might keep you from reaching your goals?

        1. Sickness

        2. Injury

        3. New grade of new school

        4. Homework

        5. Other activities such as soccer or other sports

        6. Vacation

        7. I feel like giving up

        • What is your plan to overcome those obstacles?



Goal Setting

Week 3

Ok Everybody Goals we set are Goals we get!

Did you write down your goals last week?

Where did you post your goal?

Do you look at it every day?

What can help us reach our goals?

1. Tell someone about your goals. Telling your support team (your parents, your siblings, your friends) about your goals can help you stay on track. When your friends and family ask you how you are doing on reaching your goals, it will feel great to tell them what you have accomplished. They can even encourage you to stick with it. Who are the best people to help you stay on track to reach your goal?


2. Imagine how you will feel when you reach your goal. If your goal is important to you, you will probably feel amazing when you accomplish it. So go ahead and visualize how you will feel at the end of your journey. If your goal is earning your Black Belt, imagine how you will feel when you tie your new belt around your waist after your Black Belt test. If your school goal is earning an A in math, imagine how you will feel showing your report card to your parents.




Goal Setting

Week #4

“Goals we set are Goals we get”


This week we’re going to talk about overcoming obstacles while reaching your goals. Sometimes something unexpected happens that might stop us or slow us down on our journey. However, if you think about these obstacles ahead of time you can make a plan for how to deal with them.

Billy and Mark were both karate students that had set a goal to earn their black belts. They both came to class twice a week, tried their hardest in class, and they practiced their moves at home. It seemed like they were very likely to earn their next tip, next belt, and someday black belt. Then they both came down with the flu, causing them to miss karate class for a whole week!

Billy was very disappointed that he missed class. Once he was well again he came back to his regular class, but he was worried that he would not be able to get caught up again.

Mark was also disappointed that he couldn’t attend class, but he had a plan. Once he was well, he came back to class and spoke with the instructor about what he had missed. His first few weeks back to karate he came to an extra class each week and he practiced a little extra each evening. Soon he felt caught up and back on track.


  • Which student has a better chance of reaching his goal of achieving Black Belt?


  • What obstacles might keep you from reaching your goals?


  1. Sickness

  2. Injury

  3. New grade of new school

  4. Homework

  5. Other activities such as soccer or other sports

  6. Vacation

  7. I feel like giving up

  • What is your plan to overcome those obstacles?

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