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The Strength of Our Students Gets Developed From The Basics

The Strength of Our Students Gets Developed From The Basics

May 21, 20241 min read

hese are our 7-12 year olds! Our Students develop from practicing the basics over and over again. This is our warm up at one of our test. They get Stronger and Stronger because we do these all the time. This way of training can be measured. Every week they are feeling stronger and stronger. We do the same thing with our Martial arts Techniques. We have different exercises in class. So If we are Working on a Front Kick in December they are going to drill that front kick for 4 weeks with a bunch of different exercises, and drills so they don’t get bored. This keeps the students interested and focused on what they are doing. Over years of training they will develop what we call Muscle Memory. This is where if they need to defend themselves they will be able to react without thinking about it. 

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Dragon Gate is such a fantastic place for children to not only train physically, but to also develop confidence, patience and respect for themselves and others. Our son has learned valuable self defense.

Matt Roswell

My kids have been involved at DG for several years and are closing in on their Black Belts. The instructors have consistently been of high quality and exude an emphasis on both physical and emotional development.

John Callahan

Great place! My son loves it! They keep the kids engaged while teaching a little discipline. What more could you ask for?!?

Anthony Sanseverino

"We are a black belt excellence life skills

program official school."

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