Six Smart Basic Bully Defense Tips

Ignore the bully: Listen to the threats, but don’t react. Tell yourself that you don’t have to get back at the bully. Ignore the threats! Agree with the bully: If the bully calls you names, agree! Let [...]

Dad’s Day At Dragon Gate Martial Arts In Oakdale, NY

Dad’s Day at Dragon Gate Martial Arts Academy Was a Blast On Sunday, May 11th Dragon Gate Martial Arts Academy in Oakdale, NY hosted its annual Dad’s Day. We played Dads against Kids Dodgeball, Relay races [...]

How A Hot Dog Made My Son Focus Better

Hi There I Have been taken my 5 year old to Tee Ball since April. Each week when we would be in the field he would play in the dirt and pick out the grass. [...]

Be Careful With The Story You Tell Yourself!

Be Careful With The Story You Tell Yourself! Hi Today I wanted to write about Your Story. Everybody has a story they tell themselves. This can be a good thing or this can be a [...]

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