“This is more than just a karate school. I can’t say enough about dragon gate. The owners are amazing people who truly care about what they do and the results are fantastic. They do so many family activities and take training in martial arts to another level altogether. You couldn’t ask for better instructors. Everyone who goes there is like a big happy family. It doesn’t get any better!!!”

“Are you kidding me? Hands down best dojo this side of the Connetquot River! Sense Mike truly has a special sense of compassion and commitment to all his students. And Jenn keeps the ship running with a loving and caring touch. There is a true sense of family here. My son has been in this school for 5 years now. The level of self discipline, respect, motivation and sense of accomplishment my son has learned over the years has made a huge different in his developement. I am very grateful for Dragon Gate!”

“Both I and my daughter train/workout there. Great instructors, clean mats, postive attitudes from everyone. Highly recommend for any and all ages.”

“My son loves it there and his birthday party was well organized and awesome.”

“My family has been with Dragon Gate since 2007 – can’t say enough great things about the program, staff, and service!!! My son has excelled in all aspects of his life as a result of the sound values instilled in the students at this academy. And the Combat Cardio program is the best I have ever experienced in the over 30 years I’ve been working out!”

“Dragon Gate is much more than a karate school. They teach respect, hold safety seminars for all age groups, have monthly fun nights for the kids & lots of parties/get togethers for the Dragon Gate families. Love this place. I would highly recommend Dragon Gate.”

“Both of my kids have learned so much and have come so far thanks to Dragon Gate and it’s amazing instructors!”

“My kids love Dragon Gate!!! Best decision I have made in years for them.”

“My little guy has only been attending classes for a few months, but we fell in love with Dragon Gate right away. Jenn is such a joy to talk to and always willing to help and answer questions. Shihan Mike is fantastic and really commands respect but knows how to have fun at the same time, and my son took a liking to him especially right off the bat. I was super impressed by the care that all of the staff have for their students. I only ever told them my son’s name once and everyone there remembered it, which may seem like a small thing but it speaks volumes to me! Thank you for providing a fun, safe, and structured environment where my little one can thrive!”

“Amazing place for anyone to join…. It’s more than just a place to learn karate. Shihan Mike and Jen are always wondering and working on what they can do next for the children, the families, and the community to make them safer, more knowledgeable as well as healthier and happier!!! Visit Dragon Gate to learn about their fun activities as well….guarantee you’ll love it!”

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