5 Day Gratitude Challenge

Hey Everyone On Monday Morning I will Be Starting a 5 Day Gratitude Challenge Lets Do It Together Click The Link Below to Download the Work Sheets     Black-Belt-Excellence-5-Day-Gratitude-Challenge-1

3 Ways You Can Show Gratitude Every Week

Give out compliments, Make someone's day by complimenting anything about them. Something simple like their haircut or A shirt they are wearing.  Write a thank you note, Leave a note for someone in your class. [...]

Black Belt Excellence October Worksheet

Here is our Black Belt Excellence Work Worksheet for the Month of October. High Self Esteem and Bully Proof Click Here To Get Your black-belt-excellence-newsletter

Leadership- What’s Inside You?

This month our Black Belt Excellence Life Skill is Leadership. Below is our Mat Chat for our classes this week. This is a Deep Mat chat. Please Help your children by talking with them at [...]

Naihanchi Form 1 Instructional

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Entire Kata Entire Kata In The Parking Lot

Black Belt Excellence Health And Fitness

Black Belt Excellence Health and Fitness Here are five rules to live by, if you're a kid who wants to be fit. The trick is to follow these rules most of the time, knowing that [...]

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