The Rewards Of Goal Setting

The Rewards of Goal Setting Setting goals can be a constructive practice. Whether you are setting career goals, relationship and familial goals, or daily goals, it is pertinent to understand what your objectives are in [...]

3 Confidence Boosting Tips For Parents

Here are 3 Tips to help build your Child's Confidence at home. These 3 Tips are what our Instructors use in class to help build confidence in our students. I have also used them at [...]

8 Week Summer Special

8 Week Summer Special  Includes Uniform and Private Intro Lesson Kids love our program of kicking, fitness, and fun while learning the values and life skills of traditional karate. Includes special classes on Summer Safety, [...]

Pinon Form 5 Instructional

This is Pinon Form 5. We broke this kata down into 4 smaller sections to make it easier to learn. Practice all the sections separate and then once you have all 4 sections down. Practice [...]

Optimism Week 1

  Optimism Week 1  The Japanese raise a tree called the Bonsai tree. It’s beautiful and perfectly formed, although it’s height is measured in inches. In California, we find a forest of giant green trees [...]

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