We say confidence is contagious because it’s true! Your body language is a projection of yourself to the world. How you sit or stand says a lot about you. It can show that you are ready to take on anything or afraid of your own shadow. Having good body language lets everyone around you know that you are a confident person. The people next to you will start to sit up straighter too. Set a good example and pass confidence on! At Dragon Gate we use the Black Belt Excellence System to teach our Students life skills every month. September is Believe In Yourself. Every student gets a worksheet to do at home, an achievement charm, and a chance to earn a Believe In Your Self Stripe for there belt. Want to get your child involved in the best Confidence Boosting Martial Arts Classes Around. Check out our New Student Special Below and Give us a Call Today at 631-750-6202 or Or Click Here To Buy Today

3 Ways To Build Up Your Confidence Every Day:
1. Pay special attention to your personal hygiene! Style your hair, trim you nails, floss your teeth. Look Sharp
2. Think positively about yourself! Remind yourself that you are a unique, special, and valuable person every day.
3. Set yourself a simple goal that you can easily achieve and go for it! Build From there.


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August was all about Focus In the video below we are teaching our Mighty Dragons 4-6 year old’s about Focus Check it Out