1. Give out compliments, Make someone’s day by complimenting anything about them. Something simple like their haircut or A shirt they are wearing. 
  2. Write a thank you note, Leave a note for someone in your class. If they helped you out in anyway. 
  3. Volunteer your time. Donate your time helping out at your school, church, or maybe a local animal shelter. 
  4. Bonus tip at night before going to bed think of one thing you are truly grateful for. Concentrate on it an try to really feel the feeling of gratitude inside. I promise you will have a better nights sleep and wake up feeling much better

Saying Thank You is great, but showing gratitude is a lot more than just saying it.

Try one of the above tips to really show someone how grateful you are to have them in your life


We are a Black Belt Excellence School and teach monthly life skills in every class.

This month we are working on having an Attitude of Gratitude.