This month we are going to be talking about developing a Positive Self-Image:
What is a Self-Image? Your Self-Image is how you see yourself. It is a subconscious picture you have of yourself.
Why is it important? It’s important that you see yourself as someone who CAN, and not someone who CAN’T.
Like today, you may have done a kick that was hard, and may have given you a hard time. But if you start telling yourself that you can’t do it – than you are developing a picture in your mind of someone who CAN’T versus someone who CAN. This story tells the importance of your Self Image.

There once was a bird that fell out of a nest into a chicken pen. At first, the chickens didn’t know what the bird was, or, where it came from.
The little bird was young and didn’t know what to do – so he just followed what all the other birds where doing. He scratched and pecked the ground just like all the other chickens in order to get food.
He noticed that none of the other chickens tried to use their wings to fly – so he never stretched his wings.
One day, while out in the pen – a large bird flew overhead. Immediately, all the chickens ran into their coupe for safety – except the little bird. He just stared in amazement at the beauty, and majesty of the large bird flying.
The little bird couldn’t help but ask what kind of bird that was that flew so high up in the sky. They told him it was a bald Eagle, and the next time he sees it – he better run because Eagles eat chickens!
The Little Bird was so excited he told the chickens that when he grows up – he wants to be a bald Eagle – to which the chickens started to laugh. They said; “you’ll never be a bald Eagle – you’re a chicken – just like us!”
The truth of the matter is the little bird was an Eagle, the large bird flying overhead was his mother looking for him. But he was being told he was a chicken. As long as he believes he is a chicken – he’ll never act like an Eagle.
Be careful how you talk to yourself. Be careful how you let others talk to you, and what you choose to believe about yourself. It’s impossible for us to perform in a manner that is inconsistent with how we see ourselves. That simply means; if you see yourself as someone who can – you will. But if you see yourself as someone who can’t – you won’t.

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