The Rewards of Goal Setting
Setting goals can be a constructive practice. Whether you are setting career goals, relationship and familial goals, or daily goals, it is pertinent to understand what your objectives are in order to establish goals that you can ultimately attain.
There has been a lot of research in positive psychology on the benefits of goal setting to help maintain a happier and healthier life. Being happy takes a lot of practice and a lot of work, and goal setting is one part of the equation.
Your dopamine system, which is a chemical that is released every time you experience a reward, is reliant upon goal setting and achievement. So as dopamine is released into the part of your brain responsible for positive rewards, you are essentially motivated to repeat this occurrence. When you set goals and accomplish them, you and your brain are rewarded.
This is just one reason Kids Love Martial Arts.  Building self confidence in children can be accomplished through stacking successes.   To change a negative attitude to a positive attitude in martial arts kids learn to set long term, mind term and short term monthly goals.   As kids reach these goals the successes are stacked one on top of another.   Soon the stack of success is higher that the stack of failures they once had.   The results are increased self confidence, self esteem, patience, perseverance, building a bigger circle of friends, conflict resolution and more.
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